Parents' Association - About Us


The Parent Association represents all parents in an effort to build and support the MSM Community. Through the many committees that make up the Parent Association, we provide opportunities to become involved in your child's MSM experience. A complete list of these committees is located on the Committees attachment.

Who We Are

The Parent Association is comprised of parent volunteers. As a group, we are committed to maintaining and creating an environment that is welcoming and inclusive of the entire MSM community.

What We Do

The Parent Association works to support all aspects of MSM's educational and fundraising goals.

The Parent Association coordinates and supports volunteer committees at MSM to help MSM achieve its strategic goals.

Strategic Goals

  • Build a sense of community throughout MSM;
  • Promote volunteerism;
  • Welcome new families to the MSM community;
  • Facilitate communication between MSM and parents; and
  • Raise capital through fundraisers such as the Fall fundraiser, Book Fair and the annual Auction.
  • Parent Association Membership

All parents and guardians of current students attending MSM are members of the Parent Association.


The Parent Association holds two general meetings (Fall and Spring).


Governing Documents: By-Laws of the Parent Association are posted on the By-Laws page.

Governance. Officers of the Parent Association Board are elected at the Spring PA meeting.

The Parent Association Board: The Board is responsible for implementing the strategic goals of the Parent Association. The Board meets throughout the school year to discuss financial and organizational matters.

2016-2017 Parent Association Board

Jennifer Fuqua-Calsyn    President

Heather Pearce          President Emeritus

Smita Aguiar              Treasurer

Amy Fahnestock        Vice President and Room Parent Coordinator

Vinh Wright                 Vice President

Ashley Martin             Vice President 


2016-2017 Parent Association Committees

  • ICE CREAM SOCIAL                  
    • Chair: PA Board
    • Chair: Jennifer Biggs Hushon
  • FALL FUNDRAISER                   
    • Chair: Vinh Wright
  • FALL FESTIVAL                           
    • Co-Chair: Patti Kelly
    • Co-Chair: Cathleen Trail
  • BOOK FAIR                                 
    • Co-Chair: Amber Taylor
    • Co-Chair: Vinh Wright
    • Co-Chair:  Susan Schyphers
  • FALL COCKTAIL PARTY           
    • Co-Chair:  Amy Fahnestock
    • Co-Chair:  Heather Pearce
  • HOLIDAY PARTY                        
    • Co-Chair:  Ashley Martin
    • Co-Chair: Penelope Solis
  • SPRING GALA & AUCTION                           
    • Auction Chair: Ashley Martin
    • Gala Co-Chairs:  Amy Fahnestock, Heather Pearce, Ashley Martin, Jennifer Fuqua-Calsyn, Jennifer Biggs Hushon
  • SPRING FUN FAIR                     
    • Co-Chair:  Patti Kelly
    • Co-Chair:  Cathleen Trail
  • FIELD DAY                              
    • Chair: Brenda Chambers
    • Co-Chair:  Karen Consiglio
    • Chair: Heather Pearce
    • Co-Chair:  Patti Kelly
    • Co-Chair:  Heather Pearce
    • MSM Feeds DC Event Chair:  Elaine Ho
If you are interested in co-chairing or helping with a committee, please contact Jen Fuqua-Calsyn at  Thank you!