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Mr. Gregory
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Upper Elementary Teacher
Mr. McCracken's and Mrs. Farruggio's Class


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Mr. McCracken has been a Montessori Elementary teacher for 18 years, and has been at MSM for 5 years. He received his BA in English and Comparative Literary Studies at Occidental College, and his Montessori Elementary I-II diploma from the Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies. He is also trained in Interactive Metronome, a therapeutic modality that improves cognitive and motor skills, and Montessori Applied to Children at Risk. He enjoys photography, music making, hiking, and woodworking. His personal mission statement: "My educational philosophy is pretty basic: that all children want to learn, that each child deserves to be treated respectfully and as an individual, that adults have a duty to protect the light and wonder and curiosity and delight that we see in their eyes. I believe as adults that our first duty is always to the children. I believe that helping students develop high expectations for themselves, and inspiring them to do their best, always, are two of the most important things any teacher can do. I believe that the responsibility of being a teacher is the most important job in the world, and that the best teachers are the ones who understand that, and use that idea as a guide to everything they do. As a Montessori teacher, I am able to follow my own personal philosophy about working with children, to the letter. I chose Montessori for my own children before I ever thought of being a teacher, and I found the fit for them so in tune with how my wife and I were raising them that the transition from becoming a Montessori parent to becoming a Montessori teacher was very smooth. I'm thankful every day that I am a teacher in the Montessori tradition, and that I have gotten to work with all of the wonderful children who have been in my classes over the years."