Faculty and Staff


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Mrs. Meredith Le Grand, M.Ed.

Co-Head of School, Academic

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Mr. Thomas Le Grand

Co-Head of School, Business

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Mrs. Leslie Montague

Director of Admission

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Ms. Joan Marie Parasine

School Founder

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Mrs. Ivy Moore, LPN

School Health Coordinator

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Ms. Kaitlyn Giblin

Communications & Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Knoke's Class

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Mrs. Amanda Knoke

Pre-Primary (Toddler) Teacher

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Mrs. Manjula Patel

Assistant - Mrs. Knoke

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Mrs. Jeannette Yanes

Pre-Primary Intern Teacher/Extended Day & Aftercare

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Mrs. Margarita Ibarra

Assistant - Mrs. Knoke

Miss Rucker's Class

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Miss Carolyn Rucker

Primary Teacher

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Mrs. Sadia Ahmad

Assistant - Miss Rucker

Mrs. Evers' Class

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Mrs. Laura Evers

Primary Teacher

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Mrs. Maria Benincasa

Assistant - Mrs. Evers

Ms. Silverman's Class

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Ms. Coleen Silverman

Primary Teacher

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Ms. Sara Bjerde

Assistant - Ms. Silverman

Wei Lu's picture

Ms. Wei Lu

Primary Intern - Ms. Silverman

Mrs. Vaz's Class

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Mrs. Avan Vaz

Primary Teacher

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Miss Jennifer Kiess

Intern and Assistant - Mrs. Vaz

Riffat Malik's picture

Mrs. Riffat Malik

Assistant - Mrs. Vaz, and Peace Teacher

Mrs. Fremming's and Ms. Church's Class

Megan Fremming's picture

Mrs. Megan Fremming

Primary Teacher

Sarah Roberts's picture

Ms. Sarah Roberts

Primary Teacher

Tammy Gikakis's picture

Mrs. Tammy Gikakis

Assistant - Mrs. Fremming

Ms. Carter-Nanian and Ms. Mulhall's Class

Caitlyn Carter-Nanian's picture

Ms. Caitlyn Carter-Nanian

Lower Elementary Teacher

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Ms. Sara Mulhall

Lower Elementary Teacher

Sarah Grocock's picture

Mrs. Sarah Grocock

Assistant - Ms. Carter-Nanian and Ms. Mulhall

Ms. McCusker's and Ms. Cardosi's Class

Calesse Cardosi's picture

Ms. Calesse Cardosi

Lower Elementary Teacher

Cherie Young's picture

Ms. Cherie Young

Assistant - Ms. McCusker and Ms. Cardosi


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Ms. Nina Gibson

Music and Drama Teacher- Upper Elementary

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Ms. Karen Di Dio


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Mrs. Jaimie Galbreath, M.Ed.

Science Teacher

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Janet Lee Ph.D.

Technology Teacher

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Mrs. Nayana Talsania

Science Lab Assistant

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Mrs. Monica Granovsky

Spanish Teacher

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Ms. Laura Cian

Music and Spanish Teacher

Mr. McCracken's and Mrs. Farruggio's Class

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Mrs. Patricia Farruggio

Upper Elementary Teacher

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Mrs. Heather Smith

Assistant - Mr. McCracken and Mrs. Farruggio

Bus Drivers

James Brantley's picture

Mr. James Brantley

Bus Driver

Hyo Kyu Pak's picture

Mr. Hyo Kyu Pak

Bus Driver

Extended Day and Aftercare

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Miss Zeynep Biron

Assistant - Mrs. Nelson

Anne Nelson's picture

Ms. Anne Nelson

Extended Day/Aftercare Coordinator and Lead Teacher

Primary art

Karen Graham's picture

Karen Graham

Art Enrichment teacher

The Montessori School of McLean has a highly trained, world-class faculty and staff! All of our classrooms have at least one Montessori trained teacher (Elementary has two), all teachers have a minimum of a Bachelors Degree, a few have Masters Degrees, and several more are currently pursuing a Masters. Our Enrichment teachers all have a degree or certification in the area in which they teach, and several of our classroom assistants are pursuing or already have a Montessori certification. Among our 52 faculty and staff members, there are at least 15 world languages spoken, creating a wonderfully diverse experience for our school. Most importantly, our faculty and staff share a passion for education and strive to make the world a better place through their work with young children!