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Miss Carolyn
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Primary Teacher
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Miss Rucker began her teaching career as a Kindergarten and first grade teacher in a public school, and has 41 years of teaching experience. She has been at MSM for 39 years! She holds a BS in Early Childhood Education from Saint Paul's College, and has both AMI and AMS Montessori training. She did her AMI training at the Washington Montessori Institute, and her AMS certification at the Virginia Center for Montessori Training. She loves doing yard work and seeing the beauty of nature, decorating, and watching old comedy shows. Her favorite meal is a delicious salad and homemade soup, and she has a weakness for Haagen Daz Butter Pecan ice cream! Her personal philosophy: "Education is the key that opens doors for you as you journey through life. Love to learn, because we learn something new every day. I like teaching at a Montessori school because you observe the child's growth and development - physical, emotional, social, and intellectual - as the child goes through 3 year cycles in all levels of the curriculum: toddler, primary, lower and upper elementary."