Extended Day and Aftercare

EXTENDED DAY Noon – 3:30

2-3 Year Olds: The Toddlers and 3 year olds from the Primary classrooms join together in the Toddler classrooms for lunch and nap.  After nap, they enjoy playing outside and working with materials until dismissal at 3:30.

4 Year Olds: We have two groups of 4 year olds.  The younger 4 year old students join together at noon in their Extended Day room for lunch and then a rest/nap period.  After rest, they enjoy special projects, work with Montessori materials, and play on the playground, until dismissal at 3:30.

The students who are 4 turning 5 during the school year are eligible to stay in their Montessori classroom for the full-day.  These students have a quiet time after lunch, and participate in Montessori lessons alongside their Kindergarten classmates during the afternoon.

AFTERCARE 3:30-5:30

2-3 Year Olds: The 2 and 3 year olds who do not go home at 3:30 dismissal stay together in the Toddler class for the rest of the day.  They will have snack, play either outside or in the multi-purpose room, and have group activities.  The Toddler teachers transition the Extended Day group into the Aftercare period.

4-6 Year Olds: The 4 year olds who do not go home at 3:30 dismissal are joined by the 5 and 6 year olds from the Primary classes who are enrolled in Aftercare.  The group will have snack, group activities and crafts, and play either outside or in the multi-purpose room.

7-12 Year Olds: In addition to the after-school activities for Elementary students, we offer Aftercare for Elementary students between 3:30pm and 5:30pm.

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