Goals and Philosophy

At MSM, our general objectives of the program at all levels are to: 

  • nurture self-confidence, independence, concentration, coordination, a sense of order, and an awareness of self, community and the world.
  • encourage and direct the natural desire to learn, choose and solve.
  • cultivate an enduring love of learning.
  • provide a carefully prepared environment and personnel to support learning as it moves from the concrete base to greater abstraction.
  • have a positive effect on the world through the education of well-rounded students.

Student Learner Outcomes

Through these objectives, Montessori students become:

  • moral beings
  • confident, competent learners
  • independent
  • autonomous
  • intrinsically motivated
  • academically prepared
  • socially responsible
  • free within limits
  • spiritually aware
  • able to handle external authority
  • citizens of the world
  • stewards of the earth

Source: Nancy M. Rambush and John A. Stoops, The Authentic American Montessori School

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