Sensing the need for Montessori elementary education in the McLean area during the early 1970’s, Joan Marie Parasine, former headmistress, started a class for elementary students adhering to the curriculum developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Soon thereafter, the closing of a nearby Montessori school necessitated adding a primary (preschool) class to the program. In 1973, the Montessori School of McLean opened with one primary and one elementary class. Since that time, more primary classes have been added, the elementary program (1st through 6th grade) has been expanded to include one upper elementary class and three lower elementary classes, as well as the addition of the toddler level for two year olds. Enrichment classes were added to the program throughout the years and include Art, Spanish, Music, Drama,  Information Sciences (Technology and Library), Science Lab, Physical Education, and Outdoor Classroom. The Enrichment program changes from time to time and some programs are limited to the elementary level.

Now, into our 49th year, the facilities have expanded to include a large multi-purpose room (gymnasium, stage, gathering space), science and computer labs, upgraded playground space, and expanded classroom sizes.

Ms. Joan Marie Parasine, the school’s founder, is still a vital member of the MSM community.

Even though our school has grown, we have a small school feel with a close community, and we are able to make sure that we meet the needs of each individual child, cultivating each child’s unique ability to flourish in mind, body, and spirit!